Paradise Fever Records


Paradise Fever Records is a multifaceted record label, a sub-label of Patsada Records created by Miss Mee in 2006.

The aim of Paradise Fever is to work with the best talents coming out from Montréal and worldwide.

The label is taking care into defferent styles, House, Deep House, Tech house, Melodic Techno and sub-genres.

ARTIST: Miss Mee
TITLE: Toi Et Moi
LABEL: Paradise Fever Records
CAT. #: PF001
GENRE: Deep House
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 25/03/2019

01. Miss Mee - Toi Et Moi (Original mix)
02. Miss Mee - Toi Et Moi (House mix)
03. Miss Mee - Toi Et Moi (Electro House mix)
04. Miss Mee - Toi Et Moi (Electro House Edit mix)



The Montreal based artist Miss Mee presents "Toi Et Moi", the first release on Paradise Fever Records, is a multifaceted sub-label of Patsada Records, created by Miss Mee in 2006.

This first single expresses the mood of the label well, "Toi Et Moi" is a smooth a track made of luscious pads, a simple and moody groove with an emotional vocal, enriched by some nature sound textures, giving a more organic feeling to the track.

Besides the original mix of the track, you'll also find three other different versions, two club mixes where the bass takes control, and an house mix with a stripped-down melody and a more groovy and percussive approach.

Here is an excerpt from her book "Freedom is priceless", a collection of poems written by Miss Mee (Phatsada Phothysene), which will be published shortly.

As well, some poems will be set to music on Paradise Fever Records.

English translation below.

"J’ai vécu plusieurs vies
Je me souviens de mon enfance loin d’ici
Nageant dans les rizières de riz
Jouant pendant la mousson sous la pluie
Je me souviens de la campagne
Vivre avec mes grands-parents habillés en pagne
Jouer avec les serpents, manger des larves de miel
Proche de la jungle, la nature à l’état naturel 
Je me souviens de marcher des kilomètres pieds-nu 
Avec mes cousins sur des paysages à perte de vue 
Pendant des heures pour arriver à l’école chaque matin
Nous mangions ce que nous trouvions en chemin 
Je me souviens des seuls souvenirs de mon père
Il venait me kidnapper en moto chez ma mère 
On allait cueillir des mangues, manger des tamarins
Seulement quelques heures de bonheur et puis plus rien
Je me souviens d’avoir vécu la guerre
Le dernier souvenir de ma grand-mère
Donnant des liasses d’argent à ma mère en pleurant 
Pour sauver nos trois vies et fuir juste à temps
Je me souviens qu’on se cachait des soldats 
Moi serrant la main de ma mère et ma sœur dans ses bras
Traverser la jungle, survivre aux marécages en restant caché
Ils voulaient nous empêcher d’atteindre la frontière de l’autre côté 
A plusieurs reprises la mort m’a épargné
A ma naissance, fuyant la guerre, traversant des frontières 
J’ai de la chance d’être vivante pour que ma famille soit fière 
D’être qui je suis dans un pays libre et d’être en liberté"

- Phatsada Phothysene (Miss Mee)


"I have lived many lives
I remember my childhood away from here
Swimming in rice paddy fields
Playing during the monsoon in the rain
I remember the countryside
Living with my grandparents dressed in loincloth
Playing with snakes, eating honey larvae
Close to the jungle, nature in its natural state
I remember walking barefoot for kilometers
With my cousins on landscapes as far as the eye can see
For hours to get to school every morning
We ate what we found on the way
I remember my father's only memories
He came to kidnap me by motorbike at my mother's
We were going to pick mangoes, eat tamarind
Only a few hours of happiness and then nothing
I remember living the war
The last memory of my grandmother
Giving bundles of money to my mother crying
To save our three lives and escape just in time
I remember we were hiding from soldiers
I held my mother's hand firmly and my sister was in her arms
Crossing the jungle, surviving the swamps while remaining hidden
They want to prevent us from reaching the border on the other side 
Many times death spared me
When I was born, fleeing war, crossing borders 
I'm lucky to be alive for my family to be proud
To be who I am in a free country and to be free "

- Phatsada Phothysene (Miss Mee)